Any busy family home needs appliances that can keep up with constant use. A combined Washer Dryer needs to both save you space and time whilst still delivering outstanding cleaning performance. With 14 wash cycles at your fingertips, the Whirlpool Freshcare FWDG86148W Washer Dryer is the perfect partner for your laundry.  


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Intelligent 6th SENSE technology uses in-built sensors to assess how dirty your clothing is. Once reviewed the cycle is automatically adjusted for the optimum energy consumption, water and time, giving savings of up to 50%. 

Soft Move dynamically adapts the drum with unique movements, adjusted for the fabric type. This ensures that all laundry is evenly distributed for optimum stain treat and for breathing new life into fabrics. Once your load is drying FreshCare gives a cycle that is gentle and reduces the strain on the clothing, giving longer-lasting freshness without needing to unload the appliance straight away. 

With 14 dedicated wash cycles, there is a mode for any situation, even when you are in need of cleaned, dried clothing in less than an hour. The 45 Minute program allows you to fully wash and dry 1kg of washing, meaning emergency cleaning a shirt or school uniform is made easy.  Once your chosen cycle is completed Steamcare refreshes and freshens your clothing with gentle steam cleaning. 

Whilst the FWDG86148W Washer Dryer provides an outstanding fresh load of laundry every time, it is also A Energy Rating. This means running costs are low, with a high capacity of 8kg for washing and 6kg for drying you will spend less time and money on keeping your laundry fresh and clean. 

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