For a larger household looking to save time and money on washing laundry, Whirlpool is an ideal choice. With a contemporary style that suits any modern home, the FSCR12441 fits in perfectly. Equipped with a generous 12kg wash capacity and a fantastic A+++ efficiency rating, this latest model is designed to keep your bills and time spent loading and unloading. 

Energy is used efficiently thanks to the 6th SENSE intelligent sensors, which adapt each load based on the size and clothing type. Using this clever system gives savings of up to 50% on energy, water and time. With Wave Motion, the drum also dynamically adapt the loads to ensure it is perfectly distributed. 

Even managing your laundry cycles is made easy with the 6th SENSE Live app, which allows you to start cycles wherever you want. As part of Whirlpool’s Supreme Care, this model features not only outstanding design but also intuitive controls that mean selecting the perfect cycle for you is simple. 

When selecting your wash programme you can also add the clever FreshCare feature. Once your cycle ends the appliance will switch to a tumble cycle. This keeps your washed clothing fresh and prevents any residual dampness, so when you remove your laundry is maintains the freshly washed smell. 

This model even provides efficiency when it comes to the noise level. With the innovative ZenTechnology Whirlpool have replaced the traditional belt drive with a new motor that directly drives the drum. This reduces vibration, spin speed and creates a peaceful environment at home. 


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