Transforming the way in which you wash for good, the latest WIC 3C23 PEF UK Dishwasher From Whirlpool is packed with some of the latest and greatest features which save you time and money when you need it most. This built-in dishwasher blends in with any interior design scheme seamlessly, creating that clean finish that your kitchen deserves. The ice-white front panel takes a once standard look and evolves it into a stunning yet elegant appearance which takes your kitchen to the next level. A beautiful contemporary kitchen is more than just having the right colour scheme, it’s all about the finer details which transform a traditional kitchen into a piece of the future. 


Bespoke Washing Programs For Each Load 


Perfectly balancing performance and sustainability this new dishwasher from Whirlpool comes with some of the latest advancements in dishwasher technology. Intelligently  sensing how dirty the dishes are the dishwasher will adapt the cycle to provide the optimum result. Finding the balance between water pressure and cycle time your new dishwasher will take care of everything leaving you to have spotless plates and dishes time after time. 6th Sense Technology will help you in more ways than you can imagine. Not only does this ensure that every wash is completed to the highest of standards but this also ensures maximum efficiency. As all the water pressure and cycle time are automatically calculated due to the dirtiness of the dishes your cycle will be the suitable length and strength to ensure spotless dishes with minimal wasted energy and water usage providing great cleaning results with up to 50% savings in water and time.


Maximising Dishwasher Storage


Never complain about not having enough space again, this new dishwasher comes with some of the most innovating storage features which makes it an absolute pleasure to load and unload. The Adjustable upper rack allows you to raise or lower the top rack of your dishwasher to create extra space when needed. Perfect for those who like to do a lot of baking, it can almost seem impossible to find the space to wash baking trays but thanks to the Adjustable upper rack you will never have this problem again. Cutlery can be just as difficult to find space for, now there is a dedicated Third Rack for all your cutlery washing requirements. The Third Rack is the ideal solution for additional loading capacity. Never run out of space again, allow this spacious dishwasher to clean the entire families dishes within one single load. 


Top of The Range Performance, Minus The Sound 


The family home can be a loud and busy place at the best of times, but with the advancements in dishwasher, technology comes the ability to keep the noise created by each wash cycle to a minimum. The latest Whirlpool dishwasher is designed to provide sparkling clean plates without adding an undesired sound of operation to the already busy home. Combining a quiet and reliable motor with some of the best quality materials this dishwasher really does eliminate the noise created by a wash load. This is exceptionally convenient for busy parents who may not always have the time to get a cycle going during the day. Sometimes the most convenient time is at night. Never wake up in the night to a loud dishwasher again and say hello to silent performance. 


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