During the winter months it can be harder to dry your clothes, towels, sheets and more, however, thanks to the Hoover HY10A2TKEX Tumble Dryer, you will be able to do this with ease. With integrated technology as well as a stylish exterior this Hoover tumble dryer will fit into your home and your lifestyle perfectly. 

Integrated Technology 

The Hoover HY10A2TKEX Tumble Dryer is fully equipped with artificial intelligence which allows the machine to understand your voice, laundry needs and habits and will provide drying solutions personalised to your households schedule and needs. The machine uses Wi-Fi to allow you access to a whole host of bespoke functions which you can control using AXI via our Hoover Wizard App, using Amazon, Alexa or Google Assistant.

AXI will save you time by suggesting the most appropriate programme for your drying load and will also save your favourite cycles, making it quick and easy to select the one you need. It will even check the weather forecast to work out the best time to do the washing, making sure there is enough time to get it dry without worrying about when it’s going to rain. 

The Hoover Wizard app allows you to connect and interact with your appliances 24/7 by keeping tabs on them, adding innovative features and recording your habits around the home. 

Talking Technology 

You can even set up and start any program simply by using your voice. If you need laundry advice, the built in Hoover Talks technology understands, learns and adapts to provide all of the answers you need. 

Fantastic Features 

Other features include a 10kg capacity with heat pump technology - Heat pump technology has a condenser which separates water from the warm air that passes over wet clothes and puts it in a water tank. The remaining dry warm air is then pumped back through the drum, reusing it to help clothes dry faster. This makes the machine a lot more energy efficient of all the tumble dryers available. The appliance also includes a Filter care indicator which will flash a light when the filter needs cleaning. This is a fantastic safety feature for your home. 

Last but not least one more notable feature is the delay start feature which will allow you to programme your tumble dryer to come on up to  24 hours in advance. 

Selecting the best tumble dryer for your home can be confusing, but getting fantastic customer service and delivery options in London will help massively. At London Domestic Appliances, you can purchase the HY10A2TKEX Tumble Dryer from Hoover at a fantastic price and with great customer service guaranteed.