Simplify your laundry with the Hoover DXC10DG Tumble Dryer. This versatile freestanding condenser dryer offers a spacious drum capacity, with smart connectivity designed to make your laundry routine simple and stress free.

With the DXC10DG, you won’t have to worry about fitting everything in. Featuring a hefty 10kg capacity, getting all your laundry dry in one go is easy.


Dryers DX C10DG-80


Special Care for Delicate Fabrics

The DXC10DG takes extra special care of your garments. With intelligent drying technology and programmes designed to protect clothes and prevent shrinking, wearing or fading. And when it comes to extra delicate fabrics that are prone to damage, such as wool or cashmere, you can rest assured as the DXC10DG is Woolmark Approved, thanks to its gentle treatment of such fabrics. The engineers at Hoover have implemented gentle and precise motions, along with sophisticated temperature management, to protect precious materials while helping them dry.

You can also protect your family, with the dryer’s Anti-Allergy technology. Effectively removes common allergens such as dust mites, pet hair, pollens and detergent residue. By using controlled temperatures, time and movement, the machine gets rid of these allergens, leaving you with clean, fresh clothes that won’t irritate sensitive skin.


Making Life Easier with Smart Features

If you find yourself overwhelmed with piles of ironing, the DXC10DG is good news for you. Featuring special anti crease action both before and after the drying cycle. So, you’ll find the ironing much quicker and easier to get through. Plus, the machine ensures just the right level of humidity, preserving delicate fabrics with care.

Thanks to the machine’s Active Sensor technology, you can get your clothes to just the right level of dryness, depending on your needs. Choose from 4 different drying levels. There’s Ready to Iron, which does exactly what it says. Dry Hanger means your clothes will be ready to hand up. Dry Wardrobe for clothes ready to be put away And Extra Dry, so your clothes will be ready to wear straight from the dryer.

You can even wash different types of fabrics at once. Saving you time sorting through and separating your washing. The innovative dryer knows exactly how long to dry each fabric type and will alert you when lighter garments are ready so that you can take them out of the dryer, without risking them overheating.

The DXC10DG can also be controlled while you’re on the go, using the Hoover Wizard app. Download the app to your smartphone or tablet to access advanced features and advice on getting a better drying performance.

Buyers recommend the DXC10DG for its ease of use, clever design and smart features.

Get a free 1 year warranty, plus a 10 years parts warranty as standard when you buy the DXC10DG from London Domestic Appliances.


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