The HDPN 2D520PB-80 black freestanding dishwasher by Hoover is highly energy efficient and has a stunning and elegant design which will be a showstopper in any home. This dishwasher has an impressive energy rating of A+++, has 15 place settings and also is integrated with AXI technology. This dishwasher is absolutely perfect for cleaning up dishes after a quiet family meal or even a dinner party with friends as it can hold up a huge amount of items at once. 




Hoover AXI provides personalised washing solutions whilst delivering exceptional results. Using artificial intelligence, the HDPN 2D520PB-80 freestanding dishwasher understands your voice, habits and provides bespoke solutions that guarantee outstanding washing performance and results. This machine will be fully WiFi connected, you can control and manage all AXI functions via the Hoover Wizard App, or using Amazon, Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Hoover talks function will allow you to control your AXI dishwasher using your voice. Choose and launch programmes, ask for feedback on the machine’s status and even ask for suggestions for the best programme to use to suit your dishes best. 

The HDPN 2D520PB-80 freestanding dishwasher by Hoover has a guided washing feature which suggests the most appropriate solutions for your specific needs and gives you access to all of your most popular programmes. 

The machine also includes an intensive 75 degrees program which sterilises dishes, pans and baby bottles which guarantees to protect your family from germs and bacteria which can have an impact on your health.

Finally, the machine includes a Total Care programme which will look after your most delicate items such as crystal or china. The Total Care basket is made from a soft material and has special hooks which are designed to hold onto delicate crockery and glassware.


Hoover Wizard App


The Hoover Wizard App helps you start and control your dishwasher, giving you a perfectly tailored washing cycle that you can start with your smartphone or tablet. The machine will be able to calculate the appliance’s efficiency with the aid of statistical reports, check its consumption levels easily and also allow you to do all of this in real time. 

You will also be able to download new cycles to make sure all of your cutlery and crockery will be cleaned in the best possible way. Some of these downloadable cycles include: Baby care, Steam wash, Special Pans, Cocktail glasses, Porcelain, Single and Super Flash. 




The HDPN 2D520PB-80 Hoover black freestanding dishwasher has been designed with style and technology at the forefront with 15 place settings and 9 different wash programmes. The 24 minute rapid wash cycle lets you clean lightly soiled dishes in just under half an hour which is ideal for a speedy clean up. 

If you don’t have a full load of washing, you can choose the handy half load feature which halves the water used during the cycle. With a fantastic A+++ energy rating which will save you money on your bills and the planet. 

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