With superb efficiency and a huge amount of capacity, the HBWMO 96TAHC washing machine from Hoover will help laundry days become a lot easier, keeping bedding, school clothes and work clothes looking perfect in no time!. 

The washing machine is WIFI connectable thanks to the Hoover Wizard app and will also suggest the best wash programme to use based on what you want to wash - this means the appliances will do all of the work for you. 

WIFI Connectivity

Having your appliances connect to WIFI is extremely helpful for a number of reasons. You will be able to test the life parameters of the appliance which gives you the advice you need to keep your washing machine in pristine condition which will last you years to come, this feature also stops you feeling confused should something stop working. The machine will figure this out for you without hesitation. 

The app also allows you to download new cycles should you ever need them, these include Sport & fitness (gym kit, backpacks, swimsuits and bikinis), Special delicates (cashmere, lingerie, silk), Energy & Time Saver (rapid delicates 30 degrees, time saver cotton), Home & Family (curtains, duvet & pillows), Kids and Health (baby sanitiser and toys)  & Wellbeing (pet hairs, new clothes & anti odours). 

Also included are clever controls and reports which help you to learn how to improve your habits by taking control of your frequently used functions. Tag the One-touch to have a simple and complete overview of: time and types of washing cycles, the efficiency of programs selected and total activities of your washing machines. 

You are able to speak to your washing machine and choose clothes, fabrics, colours and levels of stains. This takes out any complexity and allows you to simply speak to your appliance. 

Finally, the washing machine also has a collection of tips and tricks to help you perfectly wash your clothes and get the best for your clothes and your washing machine health. The washing machine also will stop at the exact time you desire - This means you can pause the machine to suit you and your schedule. 

The Hoover Wizard app allows you to control the appliance remotely via your smartphone - allowing you to spend more time with the family and less time doing chores. 

Huge Capacity 



This Hoover washing machine has a 9kg wash capacity and 1600 rpm spin speed and will allow you to wash the equivalent of 40 shirts and 8 large towels in one single wash. The all in one wash programme also allows you to wash a full 9kg load of mixed colours and fabrics in only an hour, which is absolutely perfect for when you are in a rush and need your clothes washes in a hurry. 

The machine includes a clever kg mode sensor which will weigh out your wash load and then adjust the wash time, water usage and electricity too, so you receive effective cleaning and also save money on your bills. 

A Range of Wash Programmes


The HBWMO 96TAHC washing machine gives you plenty of choices when it comes to selecting the best cycle for your clothes with an option of 17 wash programmes. However, as mentioned there are additional cycles which you can download via the Hoover Wizard app which will automatically transfer onto your washing machine to give you even more choice. 

Selecting the best washing machine for your home can be confusing, but getting fantastic customer service and delivery options in London will help massively. At London Domestic Appliances, you can purchase the HBWMO 96TAHC washing machine from Hoover at a fantastic price and with great customer service guaranteed.