The Hoover HSC536W-80N freestanding fridge freezer features an impressive 173 litre capacity and is perfectly built for the constantly changing demands of a modern family. The fridge cavity consists of 2 adjustable safety glass shelves, 2 balcony doors and a salad crisper drawer which will keep all of your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. 

The 2 glass shelves allow you to sort all of your fridge items the way you want and ensure they are easy to access and are kept looking clean and tidy. The door balcony is perfect for storing your favourite drinks, jars and even butter. The internal light illuminates the whole fridge which helps you see all of those forgotten items that usually get pushed to the back of the fridge. 

The Freezer compartment features 3 clear compartments and 3 clear fronted drawers which helps you to see all of your items and keep everything organised. You will be able to take stock easily and know what you have and don’t have before going shopping. The freezer also has an auto defrost option which saves you the job of manually defrosting the freezer and a substantial amount of time.

The Hoover HSC536W-80N freestanding fridge freezer also features a reversible door and adjustable feet making installation easy and the appliance sturdy, whatever surface it is on. 



Features in Detail 


The Hoover HSC536W-80N freestanding fridge freezer is part of our dynamic range which offers a new side of the cooling innovation. Timeless beauty in terms of care of details and materials durability. 

The LED lighting is installed at the top of the cavity and provides excellent visibility across all shelves, lasts longer and consumes 15 times less electricity than a standard bulb. The glass shelves have adjustable spill resistant glass shelves with raised edges to prevent spills from contaminating the rest of the refrigerator. 

There is also versatile door storage. These handy storage areas in the fridge door are perfect for storing items such as eggs, cheese and small jars. This refrigerator is manufactured using a flame retardant metal backing plate and it’s clearly labelled “Flame retardant metal black.” All of the Hoover refrigeration appliances fully comply with the relevant European safety standards. 


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