The electric single black oven from Hoover will look sleek and stylish in any home! You will now be able to whip up delicious meals for your whole family and friends every evening if you wanted to. It has a generous capacity of 70 litres, which makes it ideal for larger households. 

The sleek and sophisticated control panel had an LED display with touch controls, which makes choosing your settings an effortless task. The HOZP0448BI Oven is also compatible with the Hoover Wizard app which makes cooking even easier as it includes features such as being able to heat up your oven from your smartphone before you get home which of course will save a lot of time! 

The benefits of this oven don’t end once your meal is made! Once you have finished your meal, you won’t need to spend any time scrubbing any burnt food on your oven as the model has grease proof enamel coating on the inner walls of the cavity. The smooth surface means that food will not stick, so all you have to do is wipe any excess away with a cloth and voila your oven will be as good as new. 

The appliance has an A+ energy efficiency rating which will help to reduce your energy consumption, help the environment and also save money on your bills as well.


WIFI Connectivity

This outstanding oven comes fully equipped with an impressive 9 cooking functions, including a Wi-Fi option which allows you to control the oven through an app or tablet. All you have to do is download the Hoover Wizard app which enables you to manage and control all of the connected appliances made by Hoover that are connected to Wi-Fi.

Whether you are home or out, you will be able to complete tasks such as preheating the oven. The app also recommends the best cooking programmes based on the type of meal you are making. It even has the ability to suggest recipes choices and specialised programmes for cooking and baking.

The Hoover WIFI Wizard App allows you to control your oven from your smartphone, thanks to its fantastic features you can use the app to preheat your over before you have even left work and the app will let you know when it has reached the right temperature. 

You are also able to save cooking instructions for your favourite recipes or you can make the most out of the preset recipes already set up on the app. So when you have had a long day the WIFI Wizard app is perfect for helping you make delicious meals with ease.

Features We Love

The HOZ713IN single electric oven by Hoover has a generous 70-litre capacity which is perfect for large households and for cooking more than one meal at the same time. This multifunctional model can give you a wide range of cooking options for meals, so you can cook each recipe to perfection for every meal.

LED vision lighting beautifully lights up the interior of the oven which allows you to see the whole cooking process clearly, whilst keeping energy levels 95% less than traditional oven lighting. Once you have finished creating your delicious meals, the grease-proof enamel interior can be cleaned extremely easily with a simple wipe of a cloth.

Selecting the best oven for your home can be confusing as there are so many out there, but getting fantastic customer service and delivery options in London will help massively. At London Domestic Appliances, you can purchase the HOZP0448BI oven from Hoover at a fantastic price and with great customer service guaranteed.