Highly effective and with plenty of capacity, the BHBS 172 UKT fridge freezer from Hoover will keep all of your ingredients fresh, keep dinner time stress-free and also make your kitchen look stylish and sleek.

This fridge freezer from Hoover has a gorgeous white finish which will look stunning in any kitchen and has a huge range of innovative features to go alongside this which will help keep your food fresher for longer and also give you the perfect visibility to see everything you have, properly. 

Perfect For Families  

The Hoover Built in 50:50 fridge freezer by Hoover is a perfect family sized model you can add to your kitchen in a discreet way. 

The appliance has an A+ energy efficiency rating which will help to reduce your energy consumption, help the environment and also save money on your bills as well. It comes with adjustable, spill resistant glass shelves with raised edges to prevent any spills from contaminating the rest of your food in the refrigerator. 

There is also a fold away wine rack which is absolutely perfect for when you need to chill wines for large family gatherings or at parties. 

The 50:50 ratio of fridge and freezer is perfect for large families with an equal need for freezer space as well as fridge space, making this model ideal for any working parents who like to plan for the week ahead. 


Innovative Features & Benefits


Have you ever spent a long time on your hands and knees trying to defrost the freezer,  the water just gets everywhere and you’re wondering why you bothered in the first place? Us too! Which is why the BHBS 172 UKT fridge freezer from Hoover has built in no frost and static technology. 

No frost technology prevents the formation of ice inside the freezer compartment and creates air flow inside the refrigerator. The No Frost system means that appliances activate defrosting automatically based on the temperature, humidity and product usage. 

The BHBS 172 UKT fridge freezer from Hoover uses sliding brackets which attach to the external furniture door to the appliance door. As the external door opens the, the appliance door is opened via the sliding door bracket arrangement. This is perfect if you want to add an appliance to your kitchen without losing any style of your chosen interior design. 

Space Saver      

As well as the 50:50 fridge freezer capacity this fridge freezer has LED lighting which is perfect for seeing all of your ingredients perfectly, if you are unable to see what you have bought clearly, it is a lot easier to end up wasting food - The LED lighting will prevent this and therefore save you money.

There are three adjustable shelves in the fridge, three freezer drawers, a fold away wine rack, a salad crisper, an egg rack and an ice holder tray which means you truly have a vast range of space for lots of different foods, whether they are fresh or frozen.   

Selecting the best fridge freezer for your home can be confusing, but getting fantastic customer service and delivery options in London will help massively. At London Domestic Appliances, you can purchase the BHBS 172 UKT Fridge Freezer from Hoover at a fantastic price and with great customer service guaranteed.