The Hoover AWMPD69LH7R Washing Machine would be a key talking point in any home with it’s gorgeous graphite appearance and distinctive features. Hoover’s innovative technology allows you to take care of your washing in a totally unique way that you would have never seen before. 


Hoover Wizard App 



Hoover Wizard is the App that enables you to manage and control all the connected appliances by Hoover. Hoover Wi-Fi laundry appliances give you full control anytime and anywhere access to your washing machine.

Control and view your wash programmes on the go, access frequently used programmes, download new wash cycles, monitor energy consumption, run health checks diagnostics or even use the intelligent voice activation feature to access brilliant hints and tips. 

Some of the features include a tailored Wi-Fi function which allows you to save your favourite cycles, personalising time and settings, so you will be able to start them without any effort. You can also download new cycles as your needs change, some of these cycles include, energy and time saver, kids, special delicates, sports and fitness, all stains remover, business, home and family and health and wellness. 

The machine will keep performances outstanding over time by carrying out a special cycle which will test the appliance life parameters and give practical hints for keeping it in peak condition for many years to come. The appliance checks the appliance consumption levels easily and immediately in real time and calculates its efficiency with the aid of statistical reports. 

Even more impressive than all of the above the machine even uses geo location technology, which checks the weather forecast and recommends when it’s the best time to put the washing on the line outside making doing the washing even less of a chore. 

The Hoover Wizard app allows you to control the appliance remotely via your smartphone - allowing you to spend more time with the family and less time doing chores. 



The Hoover AWMPD69LH7R Washing Machine has a 9kg wash capacity and a 1600 rpm spin speed and will allow you to wash the equivalent of 40 shirts and 80 large towels in one single wash. The all in one wash programme allows you to wash a full 9kg load of mixed colours and fabrics in only an hour, which is absolutely perfect when you have a busy lifestyle and need washing loads done quickly. 

Wash Programmes 


The Hoover AWMPD69LH7R Washing Machine gives you a huge range of options when it comes to selecting the best cycle for your clothes. Some of these wash programmes include a rapid minute 14/30/44 minute wash, all in one 59 minute wash, One FI extra, synthetic and coloured, total care, wool, delicates, cottons, rinse and drain and spin. However, as mentioned there are additional cycles which you can download via the Hoover Wizard App which will automatically transfer onto your washing machine to give you even more choice. 



The washing machine has an energy efficiency class of A+++, wash performance class of A, Spin performance class of A which means you will be looking after the environment, your carbon footprint and also will help you keep costs down. The nose washing level is 51dB and the noise spinning level is 80 allowing you to spend time with your friends and family without hearing the washing machine. 

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